Conditions for Connection

All connections to North East Water’s water and sewer mains are approved subject to conditions. Some of these conditions apply to the process of installing the connection to the main and others also apply to the ongoing connection of the property.

These conditions are made under Section 145 Part (3) of the Water Act 1989 and remain in force while the property is connected.

General Conditions

  • Any private works connected to the Corporation’s works must comply with the Plumbing Regulations 2008 and to Australian Standard AS3500 Plumbing and Drainage.
  • Any applicable New Customer Contribution charges must be paid before a connection application will be approved.

Sewerage Service Conditions

  • All new connections to sewer mains must be done according to North East Water’s current policies and procedures.
  • The connection point must be located before commencement of laying any property drain. No compensation will be considered for drains laid in the wrong location.
  • North East Water only guarantees the location of the sewerage connection point to within plus or minus one metre, both horizontally and vertically. North East Water is to be contacted if the connection point cannot be located as compensation for lost time is limited to one hour.
  • An “As Laid” plan of any new or altered property drain is to be supplied to North East Water as required under Section 221ZO of the Building Act 1993 and the Water Regulations 2014. Penalties apply for failing to lodge a plan.
  • A plan supplied by a plumber to show sanitary drainage work at a serviced property done by that plumber must, as a minimum, clearly show distances from the connection point to property boundaries and the location and type of overflow relief installed.
  • The sewerage service fee for the property will start being charged three months from the date of the issuing of the Consent to Connect number.
  • When a property is connected to a sewerage service, all sewage from the property must be discharged to the sewer.
  • Only domestic sewage or approved trade waste may be discharged to the sewerage system. Prohibited discharges include rain water, septic tank waste and oils.
  • If the property connection point is damaged, measures must be taken to prevent soil or groundwater entering the sewer and the Corporation must be immediately notified.

Water Service Conditions

  • All connections to water mains must be done according to North East Water’s current policies and procedures.
  • Any person who intends to open or break up any part of any street for the purpose of laying a pipe must obtain the prior consent of the relevant Municipal Council.
  • The property service works cannot be added to, extended or altered unless authorised by the Corporation.
  • Water will only be supplied to a property using extended private water supply works if North East Water has granted permission for this method of supply, and the owner has signed a Water Supply Licence issued by the Corporation.
  • Any new private water line extension must consist of a separate tapping on the Corporation’s water main, a water meter placed as close as practicable to the water main and a separate pipeline to the property, serving that property only.
  • A pump used to increase water pressure for firefighting purposes is not permitted on any service pipe that is directly connected to a water main.
  • All disconnections from water mains must be done according to North East Water’s current policies and procedures

Water Meter Conditions

  • The owner of a property is responsible for the safe custody of the water meter and the Corporation may require the owner to pay for its replacement should it be stolen or damaged.
  • The occupier of a property is responsible for maintaining access to the water meter for reading or replacement. The Corporation may restore access to the water meter and require the occupier to pay reasonable costs if the occupier fails to do so when requested.
  • A separate water meter must be fitted for each occupancy on the land. Alternative metering arrangements are not permitted unless authorised by the Corporation.
  • If the water meter on a property is defective or missing, North East Water may estimate the quantity of water delivered to the property.

Fire Service Conditions

  • Water taken from a private fire service must only be used for firefighting purposes.
  • North East Water may approve a private fire service being unmetered provided that every outlet is sealed using an approved fire seal.
  • North East Water may withdraw its approval for the fire service to be unmetered and require a water meter to be installed at the owners cost.
  • A fire seal may only be broken in the case of fire or approved testing of the fire service.
  • The occupier must notify North East Water in the event of a fire seal being broken.
  • North East Water may charge for the cost of sealing outlets on a private fire service and for the replacement of any broken fire seals.

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