Bushfire Readiness

Bushfire Readiness

Bushfires and your water supply

Parts of our service region have been identified as high fire danger areas by the Country Fire Authority (CFA).

While North East Water is prepared for bushfire emergencies, we cannot guarantee to maintain pressure or an uninterrupted supply during or following a fire.

During a bushfire or on high risk fire days or during storm events, we may not be able to safely access water supplies or respond to system failures.

When preparing your fire plan, please consider an independent water supply.

Independent water supplies for firefighting purposes

We urge customers, particularly those in fire-prone areas and on rural properties, to consider alternative water supplies to fight fires as part of their fire plan.

Independent water supplies for firefighting purposes may include:

  • water tanks
  • dams
  • swimming pools
  • rubbish bins or wheelie bins
  • bathtubs and laundry troughs
  • “44 gallon” drums or similar.

Pumping water

Consider a non-electrical pump because your electricity is not guaranteed during a bushfire.

Consult a pump specialist for suitable fire-fighting pumps and fittings required to protect your home.

Water quality

During a bushfire, we might need to bypass water treatment facilities to maintain water pressure and/or supply. If this occurs, water will need to be boiled before drinking. We will endeavour to notify you via local and social media should action be necessary.

We advise keeping a supply of drinking water in your fridge in preparation for high risk days or when bushfires are likely (three litres of water per person, per day is recommended as the minimum amount to have on hand).

Water restrictions

Any water restrictions that may be in force will be waived if fire threatens your property.

For further advice

For further information and advice on preparing your family and home for bushfire, we recommend you contact the CFA on 1800 240 667 or visit the CFA website.

Emergency contact numbers

  • Emergency 000
  • Victorian bushfire information line 1800 240 667
  • VicRoads road closure information 13 11 70
  • Wildlife rescue 1300 094 535
  • State Emergency Service (SES) 13 25 00
  • North East Water 1300 361 644

Online information during a bush fire

Local radio

In the event of a bushfire, tune your radio to ABC local for the latest emergency information:

  • ABC Goulburn Murray - 106.5 FM
  • ABC Melbourne - 774 AM 

Bushfires and your water supply - brochure (PDF 49 KB)