Customer Charter

Customer Charter

North East Water's Customer Charter specifies the standards and conditions by which the Corporation will abide in providing basic water supply services intended for drinking water, reticulated recycled water services and sewerage services. It clearly outlines the commitments, responsibilities and standards of service that North East Water will provide to our customers.

The Charter sets out North East Water’s obligations to you and is consistent with the Essential Services Commission’s Customer Service Code for Victorian metropolitan and rural urban water corporations. This includes specific standards and conditions of service that apply to all water businesses in Victoria.

In addition it sets out our agreed performance standards that apply particularly to North East Water.

The Customer Charter will also assist you with contact details should you require information or advice on our services.

North East Water is regulated on commitments made in our Customer Charter and this information will be publicly available.

The Customer Charter does not remove any obligations of North East Water to comply with the provisions of the Water Act 1989, other water law or statutory obligations.

The Customer Charter has recently been updated and a summary of the key changes are outlined below:

  • Responsibility for maintenance of service pipes and meters
  • Responsibility for maintenance of sanitary works and requirements to connect to a sewerage service
  • Ensuring consistent language and definitions between the Charter and the Regulations
  • Outlining the capability of the Corporation to provide individual meters at multi-tenement properties, and
  • Outlining the capability of the Corporation to provide asset information plans on request.

View our Customer Charter here.

View our Customer Charter Summary here.