Heavy rain causes sewer spill in Beechworth

 16 August 2017

North East Water is in the process of managing a sewage spill in Beechworth following heavy rain in the region on Tuesday 15 August.

A combination of stormwater and wastewater entered the nearby Spring Creek from the inlet structure on Church Street.

Executive Manager Operations, John Day, said the inlet structure is designed to overflow when too much stormwater is entering the system, otherwise sewage could back-up into connected properties.

"We have notified the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of the spill”, Mr Day said.

"North East Water remains committed to improving our sewer network to prevent future spills from the site. We are currently working with our stakeholders and the community on preferred improvement options and are well advanced in developing a solution to address this issue."

Mr Day added “With further heavy rains over the next two days, this site may spill again. Once the heavy rainfalls have stopped, the site will be cleaned-up and disinfected. Water samples will be collected from Spring Creek for analysis."

“As a precaution we are advising people to avoid contact with creek water for several days.”