Victorian Water Education Programs and Resources

Victorian Water Education Programs and Resources

Here are some great programs and websites from Victoria to assist your staff, students and parents with water education in your school.

SEED - Schools Environment Education Directory

The School Environment Education Directory (SEED) has been developed to help teachers integrate teaching sustainability into their everyday practices. The web-based directory is a one-stop-shop for teachers and students to easily access regional, state, national and global resources related to water, biodiversity, waste, sustainability and energy.

SWEP - Schools Water Efficiency Program

The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) is a voluntary program which is open to all schools within Victoria. The program enables schools to continuously track their water usage through a water data logger. The data is then accessed by facility managers, teachers and students through an interactive website. SWEP enables schools to thoroughly monitor water usage and detect leaks so they can be rectified, allowing schools to save water and in most cases save money as well.

Access to a curriculum module provides students an opportunity to learn about water efficiency through maths concepts such as measurement and data in a tangible and realistic environment.

ResourceSmart - Hume Consortium

The ResourceSmart program in Victoria aims to provide practical support to schools and their communities to learn to live and work more sustainably. The framework aims to help Victorian schools minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity, and cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The north east region of Victoria is supported by the Hume Consortium.

NECMA - North East Catchment Management Authority

South East Water - A range of interactive resources for teachers and students are available at this site.