Bundalong Dual Water Supply Scheme

The Bundalong Dual Water Supply Scheme was officially declared on 1 March 2013. The dual water scheme provides Bundalong with a reliable water supply. Potable (treated) water is supplied for all domestic use and raw (untreated) water is supplied for garden use.

Water was made available to approximately 300 properties by the scheme. The scheme area consists of a Township Zone and a Low Density Zone. The Township Zone was further divided in four areas based on the existing services available in each area.

Connection to the Bundalong Dual Water Supply Scheme is not compulsory. Property owners may choose to connect to either water supply, to both supplies or to remain unconnected.

Bundalong Dual Water Supply Scheme Fact Sheet November 2015 (PDF 161 KB)

Bundalong Raw Water Supply Information Guide (PDF 223 KB)

For an application to connect to the water supply, click here.

Bundalong Raw Water Household Guide (PDF 6425 KB)

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