Dropfest Student Film Competition

Dropfest Student Film Competition

2017 Student Short Film Competition

Most people don't realise that producing safe drinking water and treating wastewater uses a lot of energy. That means it also produces a lot of carbon emissions which contribute to climate change.

Here at North East Water, we're working hard to reduce the amount of energy we use, and we're committed to producing zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

We're looking for talented students to make short films to help get the word out that saving water also saves the amount of energy used to create it, which reduces the amount of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.

The theme is 'Water conservation saves more than just water' and entries close on 15 November 2017.

If you'd like to take part, check out the terms and conditions below, fill out the entry and permission forms and get film making!

For further details phone 1300 361 622 or email education@newater.com.au


Dropfest 2017 - Terms and Conditions (PDF 73 KB)

Dropfest 2017 - Entry Form (PDF 68 KB)

Dropfest 2017 - Permission to publish form (PDF 54 KB)

Dropfest 2017 - Checklist (PDF 59 KB)

Dropfest 2017 - Poster (PDF 82 KB)