Locate Water and Sewer Pipes

Locate Water and Sewer Pipes

Locate water & sewer pipes

If you are planning any type of excavation activity like putting up a new fence or landscaping, it is important to be aware of any hazards and/or valuable assets in the area.

A 'Property Drainage Plan' that shows the location of sewer drains at your house can be obtained from Casey Inspection Services on 03 9835 5511 - a fee applies. 

No plans are kept for private water pipes on your land.

Dial Before You Dig is a nationwide service that provides information about underground pipes and cables.

Dial Before You Dig refers your inquiry to local communications, electricity, gas and water providers. Within a few days you will receive plans of all relevant underground services.

How do I contact Dial Before You Dig?

There are two ways:

  1. Simply Dial 1100 or,
  2. Visit the Website: www.1100.com.au

If you are still unsure and require further information, contact North East Water on 1300 361 633.