Permanent Water Saving Rules

Permanent Water Saving Rules

Permanent Water Saving Rules

Permanent Water Saving Rules apply to residents supplied with drinking water. The rules do not apply to greywater, tank water, bore water or recycled water.

Hand-held hoses

All hand-held hoses must be fitted with trigger nozzles and be free of leaks.

Gardens and lawns

You can water your garden and lawn with a hand-held hose (fitted with a trigger nozzle), watering can, or bucket at any time on any day.

You can also use a watering system 6¬†pm¬†‚ÄĒ¬†10¬†am, any day.

A 'watering system' is any automatic or manually operated system of sprinklers, drip hoses, weep hoses, etc. Even a simple garden sprinkler connected to a tap is considered a 'watering system'.

Fountains and water features

Fountains and water features can be used, provided they recirculate water.

Paved areas and hard surfaces

You may use water to clean driveways, paths, timber decking, concrete or other hard surfaces, only:

  • if required as a result of an accident or fire
  • there is a health or safety hazard
  • if staining has developed (once a year)
  • during¬†construction or renovation.

Use a high-pressure water cleaner if available. Otherwise, a hand-held hose or bucket may be used.

More information

For more information about what you can and can not do under Permanent Water Saving Rules, refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs) or read the official Permanent Water Saving Plan.


The Permanent Water Saving Plan measures are enforced under the Water Act. Penalties apply for breaches.