Flood impacts on water and sewer systems

Flood impacts on water and sewer systems

Floods are a frequent issue across North East Victoria. Floods place pressure on infrastructure and cause damage to homes and businesses.

For water corporations floods can cause issues with sewer systems that become overwhelmed by stormwater and place pressure on water treatment systems around rivers that have been inundated by silt and soils.

For information on preparing your home or business for flood visit the SES Floodsafe page.

Impact on water supplies

Flood events may impact on water supplies if a treatment plant draws water from a river or creek. Run off of soils and silts may restrict the capacity of the plant to treat the raw water which may impact on the quantity and quality of supply.

We will communicate with customers and the wider community through traditional media and social media during such an event.

Impact on sewer systems

During flood events sewer systems can be inundated by storm water. These systems are not designed for such inflows as their primary purpose is to carry sewage from customer’s homes to treatment centres.

When systems are inundated by stormwater this places pressure within the system which can lead to sewage overflows into the environment.

This possibility reinforces the SES message to never drive, walk or cycle through flood waters.