North East Water celebrates 20 years

 1 July 2017

North East Water is celebrating 20 years of providing water and sewer services to North East Victoria.

The Corporation reached this significant milestone today, following the amalgamation of Ovens Region Water and Kiewa Murray Water back in 1997.

Acting Chair, Jonathan Koop, said that two decades ago North East Water had 35,000 water customers.

"The Corporation now has over 50,000 customers, and services a population of more than 100,000 people", Mr Koop said.

"During that time, we've invested heavily in the region with major upgrades to pipeline infrastructure as well as the construction of water and sewerage treatment facilities and new water storages.

"Through these projects, we've strived to deliver better services for our customers and strengthen the resilience of our communities."

Mr Koop said, "I'd like to thank all current and former staff for their contribution to the success of the Corporation over the last two decades."

"We're lucky enough to still have 17 staff members who have been with the Corporation from day one in 1997 and we value their leadership, expertise and knowledge."

Mr Koop added, "The Corporation's future is looking bright. We're in a good financial position and we plan to spend in excess of $140 million over the next 8 years on projects to help support regional health and prosperity."

"We're focussed on climate change and will be investing in reducing our carbon footprint as we head towards a goal of zero net emissions by 2050.

"It's an exciting time as we work to reconcile the needs of a region that continues to experience strength growth, with a more variable water resource outlook.

"The true measure of our success will be the resilience our communities enjoy for decades to come."