Treated recycled water released at Walwa

 03 October 2016

Treated water from the North East Water Wastewater Treatment Plant in Walwa will be routinely released into the Murray River commencing from Monday 3 October 2016.

Executive Manager Operations, John Day, said the decision was required due to recent rain in the region.

“Holding lagoons have now reached their full capacity as our ability to irrigate with treated water from the plants has been reduced during the recent extended wet periods”, Mr Day said. 

“Over the short term we need to release some of the water into the waterways to ensure that our dams do not overflow.”

Mr Day added, “The water being discharged has been fully treated and our monitoring program will be continued during the discharge.”

“We are working with our stakeholders during this process including, including EPA Victoria, EPA NSW, North East Catchment Management Authority, Department of Health and Human Services, Goulburn Murray Water, State Water (NSW), Towong Shire and Tumbarumba Shire.