Water taste issues in Tallangatta

 23 December 2016
Our customers in Tallangatta may be experiencing taste and odour associated with their drinking water supply.
We have investigated the cause of the earthy or muddy taste and identified the presence of a commonly occurring natural taste and odour compound in the water called geosmin. Geosmin can alter the taste and odour of drinking water but it isn’t harmful and the town’s water is safe to drink.
We have implemented additional treatment processes at the Tallangatta water treatment plant and the geosmin is now being removed. There may still be low levels of geosmin present in the town’s water pipe network and it is expected that it may take a short time to draw the fresh water through the system. Customers may consider chilling their drinking water to improve the taste.
These compounds are relatively common within rivers and reservoirs of north east Victoria. They often arise seasonally, typically when algae are present, at times when river flows are declining and when the catchment is drying out. Historically geosmin has been detected within the Hume Weir from time-to-time.
If customers have any questions regarding their water quality, please phone our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 361 633.