Moyhu water pipeline replacement

 21 February 2017

North East Water recently started work to replace a water pipeline from Moyhu’s Water Treatment Plant on Moyhu-Meadow Creek Rd to the Water Tower on Byrne Street. This is a scheduled replacement under our Asset Management Plans.

We are taking the opportunity to install the new pipeline along a new alignment, away from existing buildings to provide better maintenance access. As part of this work, we are also installing a pipeline in the same trench to return the backwash water from the Water Treatment Plant to the new wastewater system on Sawmill Lane.

This work is expected to be completed by mid-March and will result in construction works in front of the Lions Park, similar to the works recently completed as part of the wastewater system.

A short interruption for final connection to the tank may be required. Customers will be notified prior to any interruption.

For further information, contact project Manager Miguel de Oliveira on 1300 361 622.