NEW has Australia’s most affordable water bills

 16 March 2017

For the second year in a row, a national report card shows North East Water has the most affordable water bills in Australia.

The findings have been released today as part of the latest National Performance Report on Urban Water Utilities compiled by Bureau of Meteorology. 

North East Water Executive Corporate Services, Anthony Hernan said customers pay an average of $884 per year for water and sewerage services.

“We’re pleased that our customers are again paying the least amount for services of any Australian water corporation”, Mr Hernan said.

“As a comparison, the most expensive water bill was over a $1000 more per year than the typical North East Water account.

“Our customers only paid an average of $14 more per year in 2015-16 than what they were paying in 2011-12.

“This shows that the Corporation has embraced major efficiencies across the organisation which have been passed on to consumers.

“We believe that customers also utilise our tariff structure which allows people to reduce their water charges by being more water efficient.”

Mr Hernan added, “We’re now in the process of developing the next Price Submission which sets our prices for a minimum of 5 years.”

“Affordability is a major factor of that planning process and we are confident that customers will continue see that reflected in their water bills well into the future.”

More information about the report can be found at www.bom.gov.au.