Water Supply Demand Strategy

Water Supply Demand Strategy

North East Water’s Water Supply Demand Strategy (WSDS) seeks to identify the best mix of measures to maintain a balance between the demand for water in urban supply systems and available supply now and into the future. The WSDS incorporates the principles of scenario-based planning, considering the actions needed to meet increased demand for water arising from population and industry growth, together with the possible effects of climate change and other environmental factors. This document is our five-yearly revision of the strategy, as required under our Statement of Obligations. This strategy will inform supply augmentation and capital investment requirements for consideration in North East Water’s next Water Plan.

In the context of this WSDS, level of service refers to the long-term security of supply of a water supply system. Security of supply is measured by the frequency, severity and/or duration of water restrictions, as well as the ability to maintain a minimum supply during drought. Security of supply is often used interchangeably with the term reliability of supply, which has an equivalent meaning in this WSDS. There are two aspects to North East Water’s level of service; an agreed level of service and minimum level of service.

North East Water’s levels of service have been developed in consultation with the community. Our agreed level of service reflects community expectations about the environmentally, socially and economically responsible use of water, and its minimum level of service reflects the appropriate use of water in times of drought or water shortage. The agreed level of service is often limited by the nature of the supply system and increasing level of service can impact on water prices.

North East Water’s agreed level of service provides a 90% likelihood that customers will not be asked to reduce water consumption in any given year, based on forecast community needs for water over the 50 year planning horizon.

The Corporation’s minimum level of service meets the demand for non-restricted in-house and commercial/ industrial use. This component of demand is what would be provided to customers under Stage 4 restrictions.

North East Water has the capacity to maintain the minimum level of service to all of its customers (approximately 6,500 ML/yr) under anticipated drought conditions, and is planning to provide the agreed level of service to all of its customers subject to the integration of the proposed 520 ML storage into Bright water supply system and augmenting Goorambat’s supply.

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