The One Resource approach

The One Resource approach allows North East Water to assess technical options for sustainable water service delivery.

The One Resource Strategic Initiative is not simply about development of a new product – it is a new way of doing business. The approach reflects a strategic goal of the Corporation to deliver sustainable water services that meet the outcomes sought by customers, that is, delivering water that is fit-for-purpose. Ultimately, this strategic approach will enable the alignment of both the Water Supply-Demand Strategy and the Wastewater Strategy in one document that enables the delivery of sustainable water services by the Corporation.

The customer-focussed approach of One Resource aligns the quality of water required by the customer with the most efficient delivery infrastructure and the capacity of the environment to meet the outcome sought. The One Resource framework (Figure 1) positions North East Water to lead the water industry in more effective resource use, supporting sustainable regional growth and enhancing capacity to deliver sustainable water service. These opportunities may be realised directly through relationships with our customers, or through broader alliances with other funding partners such as local government or industry. Significantly, it will provide an operating environment that encourages customers and communities to identify the uses of water that they value.

The outcome rather than output focus of One Resource provides the vehicle for a conversation with the community to achieve a common understanding of a system that reconciles community and Corporation expectations with the development of appropriate infrastructure. This is realised through shared ownership of ideas and a consultative process that allows the community to clearly articulate which aspect of water service delivery they most strongly value.

One Resource has been adopted as part of the strategic direction of the Corporation as it prepares Water Plan 3. It has been piloted on two of thirty-eight towns providing the opportunity for a whole of business system strategy to be constructed that builds on the outcomes of the One Resource Pilot Project. Importantly, the linkage between the Water Supply-Demand Strategy and the Wastewater Strategy will be matured through this process as the Corporation builds outcome-focused, sustainable, holistic, high-quality water services that are flexible and adaptive to changing customer needs.