Early Childhood Water Education Resources

Early Childhood Water Education Resources

Teacher Kits

Introduction to Water

North East Water has available for loan a kit containing materials and resources to support staff to introduce the theme of water to their students.  Among the contents is a big book about a raindrop's journey called Whizzy who travels through part of the water cycle; items which relate to water use; books; and teacher information.

Drink Tap

This kits highlights that water is essential for our survival and good health. It demonstrates how water is important to us and that making a sugar-free choice of drink is best for our bodies. Visuals such as a plant, dog puppet, can of coke, apple juice and teaspoons of sugar are used. Lesson notes are included for staff.


If you are interested in either kit please use our booking form.

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Early Years Introduction to Water Kit Contents

Early Years Drink Tap Kit Contents

Early Years Drink Tap Kit Presentation Ideas

North East Water Resources

Black and White Whizzy colouring in sheet

Home Water Audit

Water Cycle Placemat

Water Facts

'Where is Whizzy?' Drawing Sheet

'We All Need Water' Poster

Water Education Links

'Whizzy's Incredible Journey' Book

Early Childhood Environmental Education 

Water Play is Essential Play

NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network

Growing Minds Greening Communities - Great resource with lots of easy to accomplish tips included