Teacher Resources

The following resources can be used as stand alone activities or as a follow-up lesson after a visit by North East Water to the classroom.

The Water Cycle

Students will gain a greater understanding of where the water in our environment comes from and why it is so important in our lives.

Water Cycle Activity - Teacher Information

Water Cycle - Junior Version

Water Cycle - Water Words - Student Worksheet

Water Cycle Definitions - Student Worksheet

Water Cycle Explanation - Student Worksheet

Water Cycle Station Activity - Junior Version

Water Cycle Station Activity - Year 2 - 10 Worksheet

Water Cycle Colour-in Sheet

Drink Tap

This activity assists students to explore the differences and similarities of tap water versus bottled water.

Drink Tap Activity - Teacher Information

Drink Tap - Double Bubble Activity - Student Worksheet

Never Ever

Students will learn and explore why it is important to take care of what goes down our toilets and drains.

Never Ever Activity - Teacher Information

Never Ever - Student Worksheet

Never Ever - Water Words - Student Worksheet

Water Efficiency

In this unit students will learn and explore why it is important to save water; the implications and opportunities to do so; and how they can individually conserve this precious resource.

Water Efficiency Activity - Teacher Information

Water Efficiency - SWOT Chart - Student Worksheet

Water Pledge - Student Sheet

Water Use Tournament

Student Reflection Sheets

This sheets are useful following any presentation or activity.

Student Reflection F-2

Student Reflection Yr 2-6