Working with the Community

Working with the Community

North East Water is committed to engaging with those who are impacted by our activities.  This includes communities, other organisations and individuals, through communications, partnerships and planned engagement activities.  This supports a range of business activities, provides shared understanding with our customers, communities and partners and results in informed decision making.

North East Water has adopted the values, ethics, language and process for public participation as established by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).  We have developed a complementary model that identifies the overlapping activities of Communication, Partnerships and Engagement.  Our Engagement activities are guided by the Corporations Community Engagement Strategy (2013).

The Strategy defines the following Goal for our engagement approach:

To build strong relationships with Customers, Communities and Partners, to enable informed decision making and deliver sustainable outcomes.

The objectives of our engagement are identified as being:

  • to inform our strategic decisions
  • to enhance our decision making about infrastructure solutions
  • to enhance our service delivery to customers
  • to strengthen our relationships with others
  • to develop innovative ways of working
  • to build our organisational brand and reputation, and
  • to encourage Board and staff pride in the organisation.

The Strategy establishes a step by step Planning Process of engagement through both strategic and infrastructure projects and the likely activities that accompany each stage. Details of our current project and strategic based engagement activities is available in Our Projects.