Water Price Submission

Water Price Submission

Water Price Submission

The 2018 Water Price Submission sets out our proposed prices, service standards and customer outcomes for the next five to eight year regulatory period.  

Our price proposal has been submitted to Victoria’s independent economic regulator, the Essential Services Commission for consideration.

The submission reflects our focus on keeping customers’ bills down, while delivering the infrastructure and services our customers need and deserve.

Customers will be consulted throughout the commission’s review process, with final determinations expected to be released in mid-2018.

We have undertaken broader and more in-depth consultation with our customers and communities than in previous processes, with customers encouraged to input into the ESC processes from October.

For more detail about how we enagged with our customers and comunity during this process, please view the video below.

Our Price Submission is available on the ESC website, where you can also request a printed copy.