Proposed extensions to water and sewer districts

North East Water is currently reviewing its water and sewer districts across the region.

A defined water or sewer district is an area where North East Water can provide water or sewer services in accordance with the relevant regulations. Water or sewer districts are formalised via a declaration by the Victorian Minister for Water under the Water Act 1989.

Within these water and sewer districts:

  • North East Water is not obliged to provide a water or sewerage service;
  • Some land may not necessarily be able to be serviced; and
  • On occasion, an inability to service may affect the development capacity of that land.

The proposed district extensions will reflect where town water and sewerage services are currently available and facilitate future land development.

A Fact Sheet has been developed that answers many of the frequently asked questions relating to the review and the proposed extensions.

Maps showing the existing and proposed district boundaries can be found under the Project Details & Images tab.

For further information on the proposed extensions, contact Julie Brooks, Planning Coordinator on 1300 361 622.

The proposed changes are currently being advertised across the North East Water region from 22 May to 22 June 2018.

The new district boundaries will then be lodged with the Minister for Water in July for approval. Once approved, the changes are formalised and districts are officially 'declared'. These declarations will be advertised in the Victorian Government Gazette.

Please click on the Council and then town to view the proposed extensions to the water and sewer district for that town.

The existing boundaries are marked with a blue line and the proposed boundaries are marked with a red line.

Alpine Shire Council

Benalla Rural City

Indigo Shire Council

Moira Shire Council

Towong Shire Council

Rural City of Wangaratta

Wodonga City Council

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