Beechworth Sewer Improvement

Beechworth Sewer Improvement

North East Water is currently investigating options to change parts of Beechworth’s sewer system to help resolve sewer capacity issues during heavy rain events. This includes the sewer pipe that runs directly through the Beechworth Historic Park.

Beechworth’s unique granite base limits the soil absorption of rainfall, and during heavy rain events this results in major stormwater flows into the sewer. These heavy flows then cause the sewer system to spill over at an outlet structure on Church Street, resulting in an unacceptable impact on the Beechworth Historic Park.

The Corporation has made significant effort in the last decade to address this issue through re-lining the town’s sewer pipe network, however due to this unique granite base, the relining project has been less effective than anticipated.

Increasing the capacity of the pipe that transfers the sewage to the treatment plant will both protect the environment and allow for future growth of the town.

North East Water is engaging with a number of stakeholders including the community, Parks Victoria, Indigo Shire Council, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).



We are continuing to work towards changing parts of Beechworth's sewer system to help resolve the town's sewer capacity issues during heavy rain events.

Over the past six months, several options have been investigated and considered.

Following a thorough assessment process, our Project Team believes the most ideal route would involve a new pipeline from Church Street along Last Street, Sydney Road and Old Chiltern Road then through to our wastewater treatment plant near Woolshed.

The team will now further investigate the viability of this option and seek advice from stakeholders and regulators. It is likely that this process will take several months and the results then presented to our Board for endorsement.

The final route will need approval from the State Government and numerous authorities, including DELWP, Parks Victoria, Indigo Council and the EPA.

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We held a community meeting on Wednesday 25 October 2017, to discuss the Old Chiltern Road option and hear from Biosis Consultants, who have been engaged to complete the detailed ecology assessment for the project.'Biosis also completed a preliminary assessment report. This preliminary report recommended Old Chiltern Road as the preferred alignment based on the potential impacts and mitigation options for vegetation, waterways, public land and threatened species.

We will continue to engage with the community as our technical investigations progress and expect our next engagement will be some time in early 2018. In the meantime, North East Water will keep the community updated via email and the website.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Simon Edwards (Senior Project Manager) on 1300 361 622 for further information.

Feedback from the community at the meeting held on 20 April was that a specific reference group was not required, and the community preferred to continue with the current format of 'open' community meetings. Members of the Indigo Environment Advisory Committee have committed to attending each meeting and sharing information with the Beechworth community.

Community Meetings will be held at regular intervals to keep the community informed of the project and to ensure the community's issues and concerns are consistently understood and considered.

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Images of the existing sewerage pipe along the Gorge in the Beechworth Historic Park.

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