Property Connections

There are a few simple steps involved in connecting and/or extending water and sewer services to a property or new development. As every situation is different the first thing you should do is contact North East Water’s property services team. Our technical staff will be able to tell you if a connection is possible and what you are required to do.

Things you need to know

The Water Act 1989 and the Water Regulations 2014 set out the maintenance requirements of various parts of water supply and sewerage service systems.

With a property serviced with water, the property owner owns the property service pipe which is all the pipework from the water main into and on the property. The property service pipe is divided into the property service works which North East Water will maintain and the private supply works which must be maintained by the property owner.

The pipework that provides a sewerage service to a property is called a sanitary drain. This is all the pipes from the sewer main to the property and also the drains on the property. North East Water owns and maintains the part of that pipework called the sewerage works, while the property owner owns and maintains the remainder of the sanitary drain, called the sanitary works.

The various sections of pipe are described in detail below and shown in these Fact Sheets – Responsibility for maintenance of water services 1, Responsibility for maintenance of water services 2 and Responsibility for maintenance of the sanitary drain.

Please note that the water meter is the property of North East Water.

Maintenance responsibilities:

North East Water, will in general terms:

  1. Maintain the property service works from the water main to:
  • The water meter, or
  • The property boundary, if the water meter is more than two metres from the property boundary, or
  • The first accessible stop valve, if the meter is within a building or if there is no meter.

      b.  Maintain the sewerage works from the sewer main to:

  • the inspection opening, or
  • one metre into the property if the first inspection opening is more than one metre into the property, or there is no inspection opening, or
  • from the sewer main to one metre from a structure on a property that is preventing the installation of an inspection opening on that property.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining:

  1. Private water supply works,
  2. Extended private water supply works – usually referred to as “private water lines”,
  3. Private fire services, including all valves on the fire service,
  4. Sanitary works, that is the drains on private property
  5. Extended sanitary works,
  6. Combined sanitary works – usually at flats, units etc. but can also be used at individual houses, especially in older areas of towns.
  7. Any backflow prevention devices installed at the property, including at the meter assembly.

Galvanised iron property service pipes.

North East Water (or the Corporation’s contractor) will replace a galvanised iron property service pipe if it is leaking. If a galvanised iron property service pipe is replaced at the request of the owner, for any reason other than it is leaking, the property owner is responsible for the first $567.20 of the cost of replacement.

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