Private Waterline Extensions

Private Waterline Extensions

Residents in North East Water's region can apply for a water supply “by agreement”. However new water 'Supply by Agreement' arrangements will only be permitted for a water supply system for which North East Water's bulk entitlement, supply capacity and reticulation system standards are not compromised.

Supply by Agreement means that water is supplied to a consumer when the Corporation enters into an agreement with the Consumer that specifies conditions under which the water is supplied. This document is called the Drinking Water Supply Agreement. They are required when:

  1. The Corporation's reticulation system does not front the consumer's property and the consumer can only obtain supply by installing a private water line, or
  2. The consumer wishes to obtain a supply of non-potable water from a Corporation supply main between the water source and the water treatment plant.
  3. The consumer's property is outside a declared Water District.

Under section 164 of the Water Act 1989, any agreement to supply water outside a declared Water District must be approved by the Water Minister. North East Water will not agree to supply water to a consumer until this approval is gained.

Any application will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the assessment criteria including:

  • impact on North East Water's bulk entitlement for individual systems and supply capacity ability
  • supply equity principles to ensure that a new application will not disadvantage current customers, or the needs of other potential customers
  • risk to the integrity of the infrastructure
  • service standards relevant to the applicant and/or existing customers
  • the purpose for which the water is to be used
  • anticipated ongoing issues for North East Water.

Where any of the above are compromised or has a negative impact, the application will be rejected. A new supply agreement for non-potable water will only be considered in very exceptional circumstances.

If the consumer's request for a water supply is successful, the consumer must employ a licensed plumber to install the private water line extension to the meet relevant regulations and standards. This includes consideration of backflow prevention to meet AS3500. The Corporation has a number of other requirements that must be met, including that the water meter is fitted as near as practical to the tapping point on the Corporation's main.

Please contact the Property Services department for more information regarding private water lines and how to apply for a water supply by agreement.

The current Drinking Water Supply Agreement can be viewed here

Water Service Conditions

  • All connections to water mains must be done according to North East Water’s current policies and procedures.
  • Any person who intends to open or break up any part of any street for the purpose of laying a pipe must obtain the prior consent of the relevant Municipal Council.
  • The property service works cannot be added to, extended or altered unless authorised by the Corporation.
  • Water will only be supplied to a property using extended private water supply works if North East Water has granted permission for this method of supply and has gained the approval of the Water Minister to provide a supply outside a Water District. The owner may then enter into a Drinking Water Supply Agreement with the Corporation.
  • Any new private water line extension must consist of a separate tapping on the Corporation’s water main, a water meter placed as close as practicable to the water main and a separate pipeline to the property, serving that property only.
  • A pump used to increase water pressure for firefighting purposes is not permitted on any service pipe that is directly connected to a water main.
  • All disconnections from water mains must be done according to North East Water’s current policies and procedures.