Urban Water Strategy

Urban Water Strategy

Urban Water Strategy

North East Water’s is currently developing its new Urban Water Strategy (UWS). The UWS seeks to identify the best mix of measures to maintain a balance between the demand for water and available supply in urban supply systems now and into the future.

The UWS has a 50 year timeframe and is reviewed on a five yearly basis as per guidelines from Department of Environment Water Land and Planning. It contains action which:

  • consider the total water cycle, consistent with the principles of integrated urban water management
  • support the development of resilient and liveable communities
  • balance social, environmental and economic costs and benefits
  • take account of the consequences and uncertainty associated with population growth, climate change and climate variability

A draft version of the Urban Water Strategy is attached below. Public feedback has now closed and the UWS will be refined over the coming weeks before being submitted to the North East Water Board in March.

If you have any questions regarding this document please contact Andrew Manning, Senior Manager Infrastructure Planning & Development, on 1300 361 633.


Draft Urban Water Strategy 2017 (PDF 5745 KB)