Your water. Your say.

Your water. Your say.

Your water. Your say.

North East Water has embarked on a comprehensive community consultation program to help plan the future of water and wastewater services in the North East Victoria.

We have held a number of engagement activities to inform our Price Submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The Price Submission is essentially the prices customers will pay in the future and the levels of service our customers can expect. Teh submission looks at a future capital works program for building assets like water storages and treatment plants. It will also suggest the maximum amounts we will need to charge in coming years, to fund those services and assets.

The Price Submission will be considered by the ESC in late 2017. Approved new service levels, the capital program and prices will then come into effect for our customers from 1 July 2018 and will remain in place for at least five years.

The engagement activities will also inform our Customer and Community Strategy. The Strategy will define priorities for the ways in which we engage, communicate with and keep our customers informed about their water and wastewater services.

Community involvement so far

Focus groups:

We have held interactive focus groups in across the region including Wangaratta, Wodonga, Benalla, Corryong and Bright. Participants had the opportunity to tell us what they valued most about water and wastewater services and provided feedback about their expected customer service levels.

Customer forums:

We are currently running a five day customer forum (over four weeks) where customers are helping to plan and price the services that people need, expect and value. It is an opportunity for participants to learn about North East Water, provide advice and most importantly, be part of the decision making process. The last meeting will be held on 3 December.

Pop-up kiosks:

Pop-Up Information Kiosks have been held at towns around the region giving customers the chance to have their say about water and wastewater services as well as their expected customer service levels.

Online survey:

There is still time to have your say about water and waste services - take a few moments to complete our online survey here or to request a hard copy, phone 1300 361 633.

If you would like to know more about our consultation process or any of the specific activities, please phone us or email communications@newater.com.au.